Soy Candles & Melts

Handpoured & packaged with Natural Essential Oils, Soy Wax, & Cotton Blend Wicks (Lead & Zinc Free)
Natural, clean-burning, and renewable Soy wax is  eco-friendly, American grown, sustainable, carbon neutral and has a low melting point.

The East Texas Artisan is all about using the most natural wax and wicks to give a toxin/chemical free burn, all while throwing an amazing scent! We do not believe someone should have to sacrifice an amazingly aromatic home for a “greener” way to do it.

Our candles and melts are hand-crafted; made fresh with natural essential oils; guaranteeing the freshest scents from the time you pick up your candle until the last flame flickers out. Long lasting burn times. The smoke is white, showing the cleanliness of the soy wax. The jars do not get extremely hot thanks to the low melting point of the soy wax; you can touch the melted wax without being burned. The smooth creaminess of the wax shows how natural the candles and melts are.

The wax comes from soybeans grown by Mid-West American Farmers, and turned into soy flakes in America. The Wicks are All Cotton – containing no metals – guaranteeing the most natural burn possible.

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