Exactly who *is* ‘The East Texas Artisan’? Why it’s me!

Why? Because I live in Deep East Texas (well, that explains the ‘East Texas’) on the shores of Toledo Bend Reservoir and in the middle of the Sabine National Forest.

I ‘inherited’ my daughter’s soy candle making equipment (when she & her family decided to downsize, homeschool, and convert a 1990’s era school bus into a tiny home/rv – you can read all about that HERE) and I started making and selling candles & melts at the local Farmers & Artisans Market and various ‘holiday markets’ in the area. Over the next year or so I expanded my products to include Homemade Goat’s Milk Soaps, Sugar Scrubs, Handmade Crochet items – washcloths, scrubbies, messy-bun hats, hats, scarves, cowls, bootcuffs, fingerless gloves, cabbage patch style baby hats, to name a few – and my Homemade and Homecanned Jams, Jellies, & Preserves (occasionally Pickles too… one always needs a pickle or two….), and occasionally some homebaked cookies or teacakes or homemade candies. So there’s the ‘Artisan’ part explained… I do lots and lots of things with my hands and love.

I had to put this cottage business on hold when my husband of nearly forty years was diagnosed with Atypical Chronic Myelogic Leukemia (aCML) in November 2017. After:

  • eight days in ICU, another 25 days in-patient at MD Anderson in Houston, TX,
  • 3 cycles of chemo December 2017-February 2018, and then
  • a Stem Cell Transplant involving another 100+ days in Houston from mid-March 2018 through mid-July 2018 when he was in-patient for 30 days at MDA and out-patient 70 days – we had to stay within 30 minutes travel time from MDA
  • the last 9 months has involved 7 day visits to MDA every 28 days….
  • He’s in remission and after 1 more monthly 7 day visit for treatments he’ll begin 1-2 days of follow-up visits at MDA every 90 days

Needless to say I have barely had time to breath being his caregiver 24/7 much less make soaps and candles and canned goods….. though I had *lots* of time to crochet!

Hence my tagline “Burning the Candle at Both Ends”…………

Oh… and I ‘code’ too… nothing better than getting lost in code for hours on end making whizzy sparkley thingy’s. I’m a geek. I’m a mom. I’m a grandmother. I’m a wife. I’m an LSU sports fan.